Biorambam: Computerized Electrolytic Therapy Monitoring

Biorambam device helps the clinician to find the ideal treatment for your patients. Because we are different, many patients do not respond well to the recommended medical or paramedical treatment and dosage, at which time another group does not respond at all, and others may respond initially and then lose their therapeutic benefit after a certain period. This process is still known for conventional medicine and less for complementary medicine.

Finding the right treatment for everyone is a challenging end, because the treatment affects each body differently. With experience, Biorambam has found that measuring electrolyte response makes it possible to improve the therapeutic window effect. All patients have a therapeutic level that is in a certain and different range.

If the biological dose

• Too low, the patient will not receive any clinical benefit and may build tolerance

• or lack of effect for drug treatment, so doctors and therapists may increase the dose.

• If the dose is high, the patient may experience undesirable side effects and cause side effects.

Monitoring with a Biorambam device makes the treatment really suitable for the patient when there are as few side effects and helped the body work as planned. The Biorambam device yields many benefits and a positive therapeutic result that includes or focuses primarily on two principles;

Basic Principles in Pharmacology Basic Principles in Pharmacology)

• Processes of the body’s influence on the drug (Pharmacokinetics)

• Processes of the drug’s effect on the body (Pharmacodynamics)

Biorambam: Electrolytic computerized monitoring involves an accurate protocol that measures the biological reactivity distributed in your system over a specific period of time before and during individual therapy. At the end of each session, the therapist will ask you about any symptoms you may have and evaluate them in relation to the test results.

Testing with Biorambam can help the therapist determine whether you need to adjust doses of any other substance to maintain positive reactivity from your body. Due to the complex biology of natural biology of our bodies, each individual patient. The Biorbam device offers a way to personalize the treatment and increase the positive results.

We anticipate that Biorambam Therapeutic Monitoring will soon become the gold standard for patients taking medications, supplements, vitamins and minerals, and has been another important test tool that any alternative physician or therapist will use to ensure their patients have the “Best adapted treatment”.

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